April M

AWESOME. This is the second time we have used Corey and I would highly recommend again. We have a busy schedule and he helped keep us on track and focused. He listens well and knew how to make both my husband and myself happy when the two of us disagreed. He kept up with us as we changed directions on some design and was very flexible with us regarding timeline and choices. The work took much longer then we thought (completely our fault) and he hung in the entire time and never stopped taking care of us. We absolutely love the way everything has turned out and would use him again for any future needs.

Mary S

Corey was a godsend. I have an open concept home with double height ceilings and wanted to totally repaint. I had no idea what colors to use to match granite and marble. I also had no idea where to start and stop color changes within areas. Corey helped me decide on colors using existing furniture I plan to keep, wood paneling and built in cabinets in different rooms. His ideas were fresh and extremely helpful. He will come back root consult with the painters directly to insure that the color start and stop points are clear and no mistakes are made, Corey was extremely responsive, professional and responsive. I plan yo use him in redecorating several rooms and recarpeting the entire house to help choose and source furniture and fabrics. I can’t recommend him highly enough. A real find.

Helen R

Corey was professional and so pleasant to work with and did a wonderful job guiding us through the decorating process and helping us make decisions. Everything turned out beautifully, and we love our new living room.

Lina P

My house looks like a model home. I think that says it all ūüôā Corey has been very helpful even after my project was done. I feel comfortable asking him any questions regarding decorating the house.

Beth T

Corey was quick to provide a design and recommend furniture and accessories. He stayed in touch throughout the project. When we shopped for accessories and decor and he pulled it all together, I could finally fully see his vision and it was AMAZING! I am so thrilled with the results and we will definitely use Corey again. He’s got an incredible eye for design!

Anita P

Great! Corey is knowledgeable and has a great eye for design. He was able to give me suggestions not only for new things to purchase, but how to use the furniture and items I already have in a more elegant and attractive way. He’s honest and fun to talk to you. I highly recommend him.

Keri M

This was my first foray into the world of home construction, and I was truly fortunate to have Corey in my corner. He was knowledgeable, personable, hard working, and always available to help no matter how big or small the question or problem. I never really thought of myself as someone who could afford to hire a designer, but it turns out I couldn’t afford NOT to. Corey made the process easy and fun, providing paint, grout, and counter top samples that kept me from having to visit store after store (but also meeting me to pick out tile and flooring) and sharing expertise that made me feel very comfortable going with the items I left up to him to choose. At the same time, he took no offense and was encouraging when I had strong opinions about a particular direction I wanted to go. Corey set my contractor up for success by clearly communicating to me the timeline needed to special order materials and by ensuring that they were delivered on time (and at my convenience). Over the next month Corey popped in to check on progress and was always available to answer my questions and to troubleshoot. When it came time to add the finishing touches he gave me the option of shopping with him, but I took him up on his offer to bring over some of his own fabulous choices and let Corey do his thing. LOVED the finished product! I highly recommend Corey Brown Decor and look forward to working with Corey again in the future.

Rebecca M

This was our second project with Corey Brown. We went back to him because we love his sense of style, color, size and layout. Easy to work with, Corey takes all the frustration out of choosing fixtures, tile, quartz and paint colors. He stays connected throughout the project, handles any problems, returns or exchanges. Then he comes back with decor items when construction is done to put the finishing touch on everything. Your opinion matters throughout the project. Corey will do the shopping (or you can) but you always have the final and feel good about it all.

Marilyn S

We were planning to do a remodel of our two outdated bathrooms, plus upgrades to our two upstairs bedrooms. My husband and I agree about most things in life, but decorating is not one of those things. So we decided it might be a good idea to use the services of a designer to help us agree on something we could both love. We found Corey Brown Decor through a recommendation from a friend who had just used him to design her master bath remodel, which we liked very much. Then we checked out his reviews on Angie‚Äôs List and found he is one of the few professionals who had completely straight As! We read every review and couldn‚Äôt find anyone who was unhappy about anything. We also looked at his portfolio of photos on his web site and were very pleased with what we saw. So we invited Corey to look over our job. He spent about two hours with us, walking through the areas we were planning to remodel and listening to us and reviewing our list of what we wanted. We liked him and decided to hire him then and there. He measured each of the rooms and then told us he would have designs put together in 2-3 weeks. We paid him half of his fee up front, with the other half due on acceptance of his designs. You can pay him a flat project fee or an hourly fee; we chose the flat project fee. If you want, Corey will also buy materials and fixtures and invoice you for them separately. Or you can buy these items yourself. When he returned a few weeks later he had design boards prepared for each of the rooms, along with tile, stone and paint samples. We liked his ideas but felt we wanted to see more tile samples and find out what else was available. We had never worked with a designer before so this was primarily our fault for not letting Corey know up front we wanted to do this. It was absolutely no problem for Corey. He never had ‚Äúattitude‚ÄĚ or made us feel uncomfortable. He told us this is our home and he wants us to be completely satisfied with the end result. So he took us tile and stone shopping and we also looked at what other plumbing fixtures were out there. In the end we used most of Corey‚Äôs original ideas and just tweaked the trim tile and the color of the quartz in one of the bathrooms. If you want to go explore options, just tell him up front and he is happy to accommodate. Corey also holds your hand through the entire construction process. He stopped by our home several times through the process to make sure things were going as planned. He was always available by phone, email, text or in person to answer any questions we had as the work progressed. The end results are absolutely fantastic. We are SO happy with our two new bathrooms and our master bedroom. I feel like I wake up in a five star hotel each morning! The highest compliment we can give Corey is that we have hired him again to design Phase 2 of our home remodel which will include the kitchen and the living/dining area. We heartily recommend Corey Brown Decor to anyone looking for an attractive, pulled-together look for their home. We should also mention that Corey is VERY knowledgeable about construction practices and knows what will and won‚Äôt work structurally. He also knows the order that items will be needed in the construction process and made sure we never held up our contractor once work began. For these reasons, as well as his great personality, he got along great with the contractor we hired. That helped the project go very smoothly and get finished on time and on budget. Give him a call; you‚Äôll be glad you did.

Ed M

We would enthusiastically recommend Corey! Our home looks lovely and we couldn’t be more pleased. We plan a kitchen remodel in the future and we will definitely call Corey!

Jennifer S

Wonderfully! Our spaces went from boring and hodgepodge to elegant, sophisticated, and pulled-together. Corey added a much needed element of style to our home, without compromising our need for functionality. He was just so enjoyable to work with, as well. Professional, but fun and personable too. All in all, we’re very pleased!

Matt B

Corey brought different materials, colors and textures together for us in a way that was exactly what we wanted before we realized what we wanted. He provides his expertise without ego or judgement, giving other options and respecting the client’s tastes/preferences. He is even-keeled and easy to work with. There are always going to be challenges/disconnects when you’re working with a designer along with multiple contractors, and Corey handled them with flexibility and understanding.

Amy K

We wanted both bathrooms to flow with the rest of the house and thought having a designer would really make that wish a reality.¬† This is our 3rd job that we asked Corey to help us out with and were very pleased.¬† Corey always comes with great ideas, he understands what we are looking for and even accounted for the fact that we have a ranch style house and our bathrooms are not too far from one another so brought in elements that would make the bathrooms unique enough yet also tied together.¬† I didn’t really care for the 1st set of vanities that he presented us but he was very open and willing to look at other options with me and we were able to pick something out that I loved.¬† Corey also came up with a great tile design that really shows off the kids bathroom.¬† Throughout the engagement Corey was always available for any calls we had, any issues we had with the GC he was willing to also be a part of the conversation and if we had anything wrong with any of the materials that were delivered to us he was on-top of the retailers making sure they corrected their mistake.¬† Lastly, one the great things that I love about Corey is the accessories.¬† When it’s all finished and he adds the accents that really pull the look together – just makes it all worth while. We would recommend Corey to anyone that wants that “pulled together look” and wants honesty, integrity, and someone that is committed to the relationship.

Liz N

Everything Corey did went smoothly and turned out beautifully! Having Corey was a HUGH timesaver because we didn’t spend hours looking at paints, decor, or moving furniture around until it looked right. He knows our likes and would bring decor and place it where he thought it fit. Again, timesaver as we didn’t have to go shopping to find the right pieces.
With the master bath remodel, Corey took us to a tile store with large inventory. My husband & I wanted to look around but after about 30 minutes I felt a bit overwhelmed. At that point I told Corey I hadn’t seen the tile I wanted but it had to be a natural stone and have a spa-like feel. Corey immediately went and brought back two beautiful marble tiles; one for the flooring and one for the shower and surrounding wall. That was it! Remodeling is very stressful and having Corey’s expertise alleviated great stress, saved us time, helped the projects move forward, and kept our marriage intact.

Jackie P

Corey is incredibly easy to work with and responsive to all questions and concerns. He has a great, fun personality and is passionate about what he does. I wanted my home to be cohesive, flowing from one room to the next. My home is beautiful now and it is all thanks to Corey. You can pay by the room, project, or hourly if you just need some advice. I will use him for all of my decorating needs in the future.

Denise G

Corey offered us a project fee instead of an hourly fee.  It was the best thing for us as we had a lot of things to pick out for this
bathroom remodel.  We found some items at Pacific Sales but Corey was able to get us a discount of at least have the price
matched at Pirch in Orange County.  It was great to go to one store for most of our items.  Corey picked out and ordered all
the tile for us.  This saved us a lot of time and not knowing how much to order on each of the different pieces.  Corey was always
accessible to me by email, phone and even FaceTime.  I did call him MANY times.  As the project started, Corey has stopped by
several times to see how things are going and to take pictures.  He is so easy to work with and has a lot of great ideas.  Even
though the project is still going on, Corey’s job is basically done but he still stops by to see the progress.¬† If anyone is looking
for a designer with great ideas and EASY to work with, call Corey.  I highly recommend his services.

Joyce B

Corey is very good.¬† He’s an action person.¬† He hung pictures and just pitched in to get the job done.¬† We’ll definitely use Cory for all of our decorating needs.¬† He brought actual artwork so we could see the colors and reviewed a choice we made at a store.¬† He had the artwork set aside for us because he felt it would work.¬†¬† I wish we had used him from the very beginning of our remodel.

Tim F

Corey was nothing short of awesome. He came up with this cool idea to weave umbrella fabric through my pergola to shade a very sunny area which made our patio an extension of our living room. He came up with the proper color pallet for the kitchen which flows to the dining area and living room. He taught me how to integrate patterns and textures into the living room which is now gorgeous! His suggestion of a chocolate rug to accent our beautiful white oak hardwood floors was brilliant. People walk into our home now and say “wow this is really nice”. He helped me transform what was in my head to reality. Corey listens to what you want and comes up with all kinds of great options for you to pick from. He picks up quickly on your taste and style and his suggestions are Spot on. I wish I had found Corey sooner. He is a pleasure to work with and will definitely be bringing him in our next renovation! Thank you Corey for helping make my vision come true! We love our home!

Justin G

Corey Brown is a great designer.¬†¬† We have received outstanding comments from people who have seen the kitchen, office, and 2 bathrooms that he designed for us.¬†¬† We love working with him.¬†¬† He does an outstanding job of understanding the customer’s style and then building a vision around it.¬†¬† He makes any project easy, quick,¬†and fun.¬† This was the 2nd time we used Corey’s services.¬†¬†¬† He is a true professional with the intention to keep the project affordable for the customer.¬†¬† We won’t do a design project w/out him!

Kevin K

Corey provided us with a vision and conceptual design plans for our living room and master bath. He has patiently guided us through the execution of our new living room with courtesy and professionalism. He was able to operate within our budget and showed that he could provide us with savvy shopping assistance as well. We are very happy with the results. We are looking forward to working with him on our next project (master bath).

Rebecca M

Corey Brown Décor is the standard to go by.  His sincere efforts make you feel at ease and able to trust the process.  We have no hesitation in recommending him.  From our homes to our wedding day, they are positive events that we shall remember for a long time.

Please note the review requires me to put a cost.  I have combined three different events into one.  I encourage you to contact Corey Brown Décor for a business proposal.

Judy F

I have had a positive experience and he has always been great. I have recommended them. He is always very consistent and responsive. He is helpful, reasonably priced and is a great resource.¬†My husband and I have used Corey Brown D√©cor on several¬†occasions.¬† Initially we used Corey?s¬†services to decorate our formal living & dining rooms, family room, and guest¬†bathroom.¬† We were so pleased with the¬†outcome that we had him come back to decorate our master bedroom and rental¬†property.¬† Corey partnered with our¬†general contractor when remodeling our rental property and selected all¬†flooring, paint, lighting, window coverings, and appliances, etc.¬†¬† We didn’t have to worry about a thing.¬† In addition to large-scale projects, we’ve¬†also utilized Corey for small consulting projects such as selecting paint¬†colors and flooring.

We felt that Corey?s fees were very reasonable and he worked within our budget.  He did a great job of shopping for quality items that stayed within our budget.   As a result, we were able to recoup most of his fees through the savings he found for us.   Most importantly however, Corey listened to what we wanted, made recommendations, and customized his designs to ensure we were 100% satisfied. He was easy to work with and very flexible.

We have complete confidence in Corey’s abilities, would¬†highly recommend him, and have referred him to many of our friends and colleagues (and they too were so pleased that they referred Corey to their friends).

Richard C

Corey is Awesome!  Arrived on time at every appointment we made.  Has great knowledge for decorating and fantastic ideas.  Highly recommend Corey Brown Decor.

Steven F

His personalized service and his attention to details were outstanding.  He did a fantastic job.

Joel D

Wow…just WOW! (In a good way)
I’m a rather late to getting this review together but, I have to communicate how much Corey Brown has helped us out.
Here is a little background:
Corey Brown is an amazing person to work with and his results are undeniable! We had a “wonky” layout on our downstairs condo but, he managed to make our home more livable, visually appealing and our neighbors jealous all at the same time.
He was always kind and courteous and never overbearing. He was able to take both, my wife and I, tastes(very different I might add) and incorporate them into something is beautiful, functional and all for a fair price. Of course there are always times in the process where you may not meet eye to eye but, this is where Corey Browns professionalism and experience shines the most. I had a few thoughts as to what might look good but, he was able to show me why those items may not fit exactly into our overall vision. He will take the time to give the reasons why something will or won’t work well in a setting. It’s not just a “no”. You can tell he just flat out cares about giving you what you want and balancing that with what will work in the house best. I’ll never regret taking his advice as our house has come out spectacular.
The cost I stated above is about the total costs for his services and random item request my wife and I sent to him. He was able to give us what we wanted and find great deals on items for our house over the course of 3-4 weeks. He was able to find us custom furniture through his industry connections and some great artwork for our home.
All and all he’s definitely made our home much more enjoyable and livable. He listened to our requests and professionally incorporated everything into a cohesive thought process. He’s an excellent communicator with visual aids such as diagrams, room layouts, pattern boards, color boards and style boards. The whole process was clean, professional and you feel like you walk away with a new friend to boot!
Now, why I’m finally getting around to writing this is because my wife and I just sold our condo this month and it only took two days to find a buyer. In that first weekend on listing we had over two dozen people come view our property. As our Realtor would ask each potential buyer why they came by to look the number one reason given was the visual appeal of our place. That is a direct result of Corey Browns vision and his tremendous talent. We also got over asking price and, again, the direct reasoning for the overage was the look, feel and how everything tied in to our place. So THANK YOU Corey you’ve helped us more then you know. We can’t wait to use your services again on our new home! My only regret is not posting a positive review earlier!
My wife and I wholeheartedly recommend Corey Brown ¬†for anyone’s interior design/decorating needs. Even if you need someone to “stage” your home for sale he’s proven he can do that flawlessly as well. You will not be disappointed.

Irene G

Corey is professional, courteous and has great taste. Give him your ideas, your budget and watch him create your dream decor.